Usit Medical is a British company manufacturing and supplying Usit, a reusable and recyclable urine sample collection device for personal use

Our focus is on creating products that help the community at large

We believe that in 2013 everybody should have the option to collect urine in a dignified way

The current system of urine collection is old fashioned, messy, can be distressful, sometimes impossible and is a primary cause of spreading infection from surface to surface in hospitals and homes

We believe that by making the choice to purchase and support Usit, not only will the spread of infection be reduced as there is no contact between urine and hands, but that it enables easy, clean and stress free urine collection  – whoever you are

And that has to be a good thing

Usit was invented and patented by Mary Harris

Mary explains why she invented Usit…

I worked with people who had cerebral palsy and other similar physical disabilities for many years – teaching NVQ in Direct Care for staff

Dignity, courtesy and respect for people were always paramount

For people using a wheelchair or with physical limitation there was no real dignified method to provide a urine sample – normally a carer would hold a container underneath the person whilst they were suspended over a toilet in a hoist

After work one evening, a friend called to my home – in floods of tears – she was 8 months pregnant and as round as she was high! She explained that she had spent most of the day in the local hospital providing samples because of a suspected health problem. She had only been given standard urine sample bottles. Her clothes, body and the toilets she had used had all become wet during the process – and she had become very upset

After calming her and seeing her safely home, I sat and thought – there must be a better way of taking a urine sample for analysis. And so the journey of developing the product began. Now there is a way that anyone and everyone can provide a urine sample with dignity – simply by using Usit attached to a toilet. Excellent for everyone – young – old – physical disabilities –pregnant – young children using toilet seats etc

Usit Medical Ltd is registered in England and Wales registered number 07922681 registered office is at the Institute of Life Science, Swansea University, Singleton Park, Swansea SA2 8PP