Award Winning Design


Laurie Kupe from Cardiff

“I received the Usit you sent over a few days ago, and was actually able to use it this morning at my midwife appointment. I must give credit where credit is due, this product is so helpful, especially to pregnant women”

Debbie at Nanny Talk

“I used the product for the first time yesterday and wanted to give you my feedback. This is my 3rd pregnancy and every pregnant mum I know finds urine samples tricky particularly as they get bigger and can’t see what they are doing.  I didn’t expect to think that much of it to be honest and half expected to find it didn’t collect the sample or it was a faff. It was great I was really pleasantly surprised and think the product is great. I told my midwife and she thought it was a great idea and I am looking forward to telling my many pregnant friends”

Ina Laura Pieper

“Brilliant product!!!”

R. Wright from Cardiff

“Easy to use. Nice to not have to worry if you’ve missed the pot, with the added bonus of keeping my hands nice and dry”

J. Davis from Cardiff

“Easy to use & know that everything is going in the pot and not my hands

Debbie Evans from Wilmslow

“Usit is a wonderful product invented by a woman, imagine that! Thank you”

Denise from Leeds

“I can’t see around my bump and this usit thing is great :-) ”

Carol Preece from Swansea

“My friend told me about this. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy, wish I’d know about it sooner! It works fab. Ta”

Joyce Brinkworth from Chippenham

“I would recommend this to anyone”

Mary Phillips from Cardiff

“This product is great. So much easier than trying to pee in a bottle. Brilliant!”