Instructions for Use


Usit is meant to be used for the collection of urine for any non-sterile application. It is designed to reduce spillage and is reusable

Usit is supplied non sterile

Usit is intended to be used by a single person

Usit is a non-sterile product and is not suitable for use in sterile applications and is not suitable for mid-stream urine collection

Usit and accessories

The package comprises: 1 Usit, 1 sample container

How to use Usit

  • Unscrew the cap of the urine sample bottle
  • Screw the bottle into the underside of Usit
  • Lift the toilet lid and seat
  • Clip the Usit onto the toilet front rim using the flexible handle
  • Put the toilet seat down
  • Sit on toilet and urinate as normal
  • The sample bottle will fill and any excess urine will run into the toilet bowl
  • Lift the toilet seat and remove Usit by the handle to lift off the toilet and unscrew the urine sample bottle
  • Screw the urine sample bottle cap back into place
  • Wash Usit in warm soapy water and dry ready for use next time


Additonal information

Usit is designed to work with any standard urine collection bottle