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Optional extras

Usit uses standard urine sample bottles supplied by your health provider. Simply ask your health provider for a replacement bottle each time you visit, or for your convenience you can order bottles, gloves and disinfecting wipes here.

Sample bottles Packs of 10 Nitrile gloves  Packs of 10 Cleaning wipes
Sample containers Nitrile glove STERiZAR
We supply a pack of 10 standard screw cap urine collection bottles. If you prefer to wear gloves when using Usit we supply non-latex single-use disposable gloves in a pack of 10 pairs. One size fits all. STERiZAR Anti-Bacterial / Anti-Microbial Cleaning Wipes are designed to kill most micro-organisms including C.Difficile, E.Coli  & MRSA and has been independently tested and certified to British and European standards for disinfectants. 30 wipes per pack.
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